Cannon Latitude 1000 – RRP $8,800

The Cannon Latitude 1000 provides an effective heating solution, whilst complementing and enhancing your interior space. Designed perfectly to suit contemporary Australian homes and large open plan living areas, every attention is given to pursuing superb style, excellent energy efficiency, high heat output and performance to the highest level.

Australian Made & Designed
The Cannon Latitude’s modern design was born from a need to create a high performance, contemporary designed heater, for Australian homes. The heater is proudly made in our manufacturing facility, in Geelong, Victoria.

Efficient Heating
The Cannon Latitude (1000mm) is a 4.4 Star energy star rated heater which translates to 84% thermal efficiency, requiring less money to operate than lower star rated models.

Powerflue Installation
The powerflue draws air from the outside for a cleaner and safer fluing option. The powerflue also provides greater installation options for a highly efficient heating method.

Floating Plinth
The Cannon Latitude’s floating plinth design elevates the fire bed, highlighting the comforting visual appeal of the flame and log setting.

Zero Clearance
The Cannon Latitude enjoys the advantage of offering a zero clearance heater. This means that a fire rated wall construction is not required, saving you additional set up costs, whilst also providing greater choices of wall surround materials that the heater can be installed with.

Single and Double Viewing Windows
The Cannon Latitude offers options of single and double viewing windows.

Large Coverage and Quiet Operation
The Cannon Latitude 1000mm has a coverage area of up to 120m2

Remote Control
The Cannon Latitude can be controlled by the intelligent remote for temperature, fan speed and timer options.


The Cannon Latitude 1000 Gas Fireplace has a number of accessories and fascia finishes to complete your fireplace appearance.


Min. Cavity Dimensions (mm): 910H x 1320W x 402D




Package Includes:

Fireplace (Natural Gas)




Horizontal Fluekit