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Please discover why Archer Gas Space Heaters are superior to other gas space heaters on the market today. Also notice the beautiful design that will add style and value to your home.

The Archer heater range with its 5.4 to 5.9 energy star rating is today the world leader in modern day gas heating technology. Its classic beautiful styling and the natural look of a gas log fire will complement any home d├ęcor.

The Archer Heater has achieved the ultimate in efficiency and high heat output to give you the most superior product available on the market today to heat your home. All models are available for natural gas and LPG installations.


Energy Star Rating represents an industry wide independent Rating that indicates how efficiently a heater operates. The more Energy Stars, the greater the efficiency. The Archer Gas Space Heater range, with its 5.4 - 5.9 Energy Star Rating,

is the highest Star rated product available in the world today.

With its high Energy Star Rating and heating transfer efficiency, the Archer Gas Space heater range has the capacity to heat areas 100m2 (10 squares) to 250m2 (25 squares)*. No other Gas Space Heater range on the market today can match this claim.

Read the facts and discover why the Archer range has created a revolution in modern, efficient, cost saving in home space heating.

  • 900 Series Models
  • 700 Series - Flat Front Models
  • 300 Series - Bay Window Models

900 Series Models

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700 Series - Flat Front Models

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IS750700 Series View Details
IS720G700 Series View Details
FS720700 Series View Details

300 Series - Bay Window Models

FS100300 Series View Details
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IS203300 Series View Details
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